Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy May!

In April we had Spring Break.  It was SO NICE and relaxing!  We played with Hayden and Stephanie.  We spent the day with my Gramps.  We strolled through the grocery store.  It was nice to have time and freedom to do whatever we wanted.  We were also able to fit in a few doctor's appts.  I had so much energy this week, even to cook dinner! =)  I love, love, love teaching, but it's so hard to keep going full-speed at 4pm.

We had our annual AGAPE picnic at the zoo.  I've taken A before, but she was not interested.  This time around, she was slightly more interested.  But not much! =/
Speaking of A, she is absolutely delightful!  She's a good sleeper, aims to please, and loves to love.  She's a JOY to be around.  God definitely blessed me with her.

One day at school, we had a mobile petting zoo.  I was able to hold this baby goat for at least 10 mins.- just snuggling.  I was in heaven.

My girls and I met in Nashville.  I carried my camera around everywhere yet neglected to get a good picture.  Here's a phone shot.  I haven't been to our alma mater since we graduated.  It sure has been updated!  Lipscomb has a beautiful campus, and I was flooded with warm feelings.  Being there with my girls made me tear up a couple of times.  Here we are in front of our dorm.

AND I finished my gifted endorsement.  Whoo-hoo!  And next year I'm moving back down to Kindergarten- where my gifted certification will be useless to my school. =/  But I'm so happy to have this under my belt.

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