Sunday, August 24, 2014

Life as I Know It...

has changed.  Things change in a few years. =)  I'm still super-happy in my life.

My parents moved to Florida and then Dallas a few years ago.  I just wish they'd move back to the South!!

 Still meeting up with Lipscomb friends... cabin weekend

 Steph had another boy, Hayden Christopher.

 Ben graduated from North Georgia, with a degree in Political Science, minor in International Studies.  He's currently in law school at GA State in Atlanta.
*I also finished my Specialist degree in December.

 Cabin Weekend
 Ben got a dog (a Husky mix), named Chuck.

My beautiful Gran-Gran went to meet our Lord.  I miss her painfully.
Ben and I with Gramps

 At the Dallas Symphony

 Visiting our favorite place in the world!!

 Lipscomb girls visiting Pennsylvania

 My sweet friend, and teaching buddy, Kelly got married!

 I finally got to go to the shooting range.  So fun!!

 Lipscomb girls in Atlanta
Filling out my Dave Ramsey chart:  I have all my debt (so many student loans!!) paid off!!!  (except my house)

I have also started doing foster care.  I had a 15 mo. old boy for several months.  Now I have a 2yr. old girl.  I love them both dearly!
I will begin my Gifted endorsement this year.  It's another year of graduate-level classes to add to my certification.  But more classroom work... oh joy. =)
I've been in my house now for 10 yrs.  I wanted to move years ago, but the market did not allow such fun.  Now I'm looking more seriously.  I'm not in a hurry, so I won't settle.  I just keep saving money while I'm looking.

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